Why Us?


SPEED MOTOR OIL is established in 1974 in Athens and today it is one of the biggest manufacturers of motor oils and lubricants.
It is specialized in production and distribution of motor oils and lubricants for vehicles and machines in sectors such as industry and shipping.

Why Us?

We offer a wide range of lubricants for sectors such:

  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Automobiles
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Shipping

And other special products of high quality upon request.

Why Us?

Competitive Advantages

  • Technological superiority
  • Continuous research
  • Continuous technical support
  • Integrated solutions for customers, requesting products under their own label.
  • Map of Kiparissi Fthiotidas

The company exports 30% of its own production mainly to Albania, Serbia and Cyprus.
Get more information about our new products at: www.kedomlubricants.gr


Motor oil has been created to protect the motor from wear due to friction of metal surfaces during operation.

Lubricants as per their physical properties are divided in two basic categories:

  • Liquid lubricants (mineral oils, vegetable-based oils, animal oils (lanolin)
  • Semi-solids or consistent oils (grease)

Our Products

SPEED MOTOR OIL produces and trades with motor oils and lubricants for cars and other vehicles, motor oils for motorcycles and cars, grease and other motor oils and similar materials in competitive prices. All our products are tested for quality in our fully equipped laboratory, so we always offer high quality products.